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Council Approval

Council approval is required when new building is to be erected, building modification or building extension is to be carried out, or when change of use of a building or interior space is involved.  The council approval process usually involves the three stages of planning approval, building approval and occupation approval.

Each stage of planning approval, building approval and occupation approval requires different form of documentation to be submitted with the application.  Planning approval application (DA application) can only be submitted to Council, unless the proposed development falls within the category of exempt and complying development.  Building approval application (CC application) can be submitted to Council or private certifier, depending on the choice of the project owner.  Occupation approval application has to be submitted to the same authority as the Building Approval stage.

Planning Approval - Development Application (DA)

The planning approval is an approval for the nature, size and configuration of a development (including building, interior space, or external works).  To apply for planning approval, a DA application needs to be submitted to Council.  When planning approval, or DA approval, is granted, it indicates that the proposed development (eg. creation of a new building, or building alteration, or building extension, or external works or a particular proposed use) is approved and can be created.  However, the building work for such development cannot be started yet until a building approval is also obtained.  Building approval nowadays is granted in the form of a construction certificate.

Building Approval - Building Application / Construction Certificate (CC)

The building approval is an approval for the structural design, engineering design, building system, construction method, and construction details of an approved development.  To apply for building approval, a building application (nowadays also called CC application) needs to be submitted to authority (Council or private certifier).  When building approval is granted, ie. when a construction certificate is issued, it indicates that the building works is approved and can be started.  The building work of the approved development will then need to be carried out in accordance with the approved drawings, specification and other documentation attached to the construction certificate.

Occupation Approval - Occupation Certificate Application (OC)

When the building work of an approved development is completed, an occupation approval needs to be obtained before the new building can be occupied.  The occupation approval is an approval for the completed construction and it signifies that the new building or interior space is fit and safe for occupation.  To apply for occupation approval, an occupation certificate application needs to be submitted to authority (Council or private certifier).  When occupation approval is granted, ie. when an occupation certificate is issued, it indicates that the building or interior space can be occupied.  The occupation certificate application requires demonstration that all planning approval conditions, ie. DA approval conditions, have been met; all building approval conditions, ie. CC conditions, have been met; and that all required inspection has been carried out by required parties, eg. engineer and/or authorities.  This is done normally with submission of engineer's certificates and contractors' certificates.

Council Plans

Council Plans - Requirement

When a development application is submitted to Council, a set of council plans and other required documentation have to be included with the application.  For a new building development as example, the DA council plans will typically include site location plan, site plan, floor plans, sections, elevations, and roof plan.  Besides, council may also require survey plan, site analysis plan, neighbour notification plan, concept stormwater drainage plan, landscape plan and 3D cad model as part of the DA plans for council.   For almost all DA application, an environmental effect statement  and a Basix certificate are also required.

Council Plans - Addition and Alteration

If the proposed development involves alteration and addition to an existing building, the council plans will need to be coloured to illustrate the existing portion and the new work.  The council plans will also need to show existing land profile, existing levels and proposed new levels.

Council Plans - Professional Service

AAPAC DESIGNBUILD assists clients with preparation of plans for council for planning approval DA application purpose and building approval / construction certificate CC application purpose.   We brief and co-ordinate the architectural design with the engineering design by structural engineer, hydraulic engineer and landscape designer to compile a full set of plans for council.  AAPAC DESIGNBUILD has over twenty years of experience in building planning, building design and preparing plans for council to obtain council approval.

FLOOR PLANS AND DESIGN - buildings & interiors

Commercial floor plans

highrise office floor plans / design
CBD bank floor plans / design
5 star hotel floor plans / design
restaurant floor plans / design
retail shop floor plans / design
display showroom floor plans / design

Education floor plans

college school floor plans / design
lecture classroom floor plans / design

Community floor plans

Hall & church floor plans / design
Entertainment club floor plans / design

Medical floor plans

medical clinic floor plans / design
doctor surgery floor plans / design
medical centre floor plans / design
private hospital floor plans / design

Residential floor plans

luxury house floor plans / design
highrise apartment floor plans / design
ski lodge floor plans / design
apartment unit floor plans / design
group condominium floor plans / design
grand mansions floor plans / design
villa floor plans / design
dual occupancy floor plans / design
townhouse floor plans / design
studio flat floor plans / design
studio apartment floor plans / design
suite bedroom floor plans / design
open kitchen floor plans / design
spa bathroom floor plans / design


We do the following floor plans and design in Sydney:

Commercial floor plans Sydney

office floor plans Sydney
bank floor plans Sydney
hotel floor plans Sydney
restaurant floor plans Sydney
shop floor plans Sydney
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Education floor plans Sydney

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Community floor plans Sydney

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Medical floor plans Sydney

clinic floor plans Sydney
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Residential floor plans Sydney

house floor plans Sydney
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